I. Ticket Validity: Tickets are valid only for the specified event and date.
2. Refund Policy: Tickets are non-refundable, except in the case of event cancellation by the I.G.S.
3. Resale and Transfer: Tickets cannot be resold or transferred without explicit permission from the I.G.S.
4. Entry Requirements: Attendees must meet any age.
5. Entry Refusal: The I.G.S. reserves the right to refuse entry or eject attendees for reasons including but not limited to intoxication, disruptive behavior, or failure to comply with event rules.
6. Event Changes: The I.G.S. reserves the right to make changes to the event lineup, schedule, or venue, if necessary.
7. Liability Waiver: Attendees assume all risks and liabilities associated with attending the event.
8. Lost or Stolen Tickets: The I.G.S. is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, and replacements may not be issued.
9. Photography and Recording: Photography, filming, or recording may be prohibited without prior authorization from the I.G.S.
10. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising from ticket purchase or event attendance will be resolved following the laws of the jurisdiction.
11. Behavior Penalty Any attendee found engaging in disruptive behavior, as outlined in the Behavioral Guidelines section, may be subject to immediate ejection from the event without a refund. In addition, the offending attendee will be charged a penalty fee of £1000. This fee will be charged to the payment method used for purchasing the ticket. The event I.G.S. reserves the right to take further action, including but not limited to banning the individual from future events and pursuing legal remedies for damages caused by their behavior.
12. Ticket Presentation: Attendees must present a valid ticket (physical or digital) for entry to the event. Duplicate tickets will not be accepted.
13. Age Restrictions: Certain events may have age restrictions. Attendees must meet the minimum age requirement specified by the I.G.S.
14. Seating or Standing: Depending on the event, tickets may specify whether seating is assigned or if it’s a standing-room-only event.
15. Re-entry Policy: Some events may have a re-entry policy allowing attendees to leave and re-enter the venue during the event. This policy, if applicable, will be specified on the ticket.
16. Accessibility Accommodations: If the event venue offers accessibility accommodations, attendees requiring such accommodations should contact the I.G.S. in advance.
17. Event Program: The ticket does not guarantee specific performers, activities, or program elements unless explicitly stated by the I.G.S.
18. Prohibited Items: Attendees are prohibited from bringing certain items into the event venue, such as weapons, illegal substances, or outside food and beverages. A list of prohibited items will be provided by the I.G.S.
19. Event Duration: The event duration may vary, and attendees are advised to arrive on time to ensure full enjoyment of the event.
 20. Event Policies: Attendees are required to adhere to all event policies, including but not limited to the dress code, code of conduct, and safety regulations.
21. No Smoking Policy: Smoking, including the use of electronic cigarettes or vaping devices, is strictly prohibited within the event venue and designated event areas. Designated smoking areas, if available, will be marked outside the venue.
22. Alcohol Prohibition: The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited within the event venue. Attendees found in violation of this policy may be subject to ejection from the event without a refund.

23. Drug-Free Environment: The use, possession, or distribution of illegal substances is strictly prohibited within the event venue. Any individual found engaging in such activities will be reported to law enforcement authorities.

24. Consequences of Violation: Attendees are expected to comply with all event rules and regulations, including the no smoking and alcohol policies. Failure to do so may result in ejection from the event without refund and potential legal consequences.

Penalty for Violation 

1. Violation of No Smoking or Alcohol Policy: Attendees found smoking or in possession of alcohol within the event venue in violation of the no smoking or alcohol policy will be subject to a penalty fee of £500.
2. Fee Charge and Consequences: The penalty fee will be charged to the payment method used for purchasing the ticket. In addition to the penalty fee, violators will be ejected from the event without a refund and banned from attending future events organized by the same entity.
3. Zero Tolerance Policy: The I.G.S. maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards smoking and alcohol violations to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees.

Lost and Found Policy

1. Lost Items: Attendees who have lost personal belongings during the event are encouraged to report the loss to event staff or security personnel immediately.
2. Found Items: Found items should be turned in to event staff or security personnel as soon as possible. These items will be cataloged and stored securely by the I.G.S..
3. Claiming Lost Items: To claim a lost item, attendees must provide a detailed description of the item and proof of ownership (if applicable). Lost items may be claimed at the event venue during designated hours or by contacting the I.G.S. directly.
4. Disposal of Unclaimed Items: Unclaimed items will be held by the I.G.S. for a specified period after the event. After this period, unclaimed items may be donated to charity, disposed of, or otherwise dealt with at the discretion of the I.G.S.
5. Disclaimer: The I.G.S is not liable for any lost or stolen items. Attendees are responsible for safeguarding their belongings during the event.


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